Case Study


Implemented by Vimanet

January 2017

Vimanet set out to build a new company website with a fresh look, responsive design, and engaging and SEO-optimized content, which would generate new leads and rank high on Google search results.



  • Web and cloud app development
  • B2C
  • 25 employees
  • Kraków, Poland
Vimanet Home Page Screenshot
days to build the new website
visits in the first week after the launch
visits in the first month after the launch

Rebuilding the company website

As a part of the company's marketing strategy for 2017, Vimanet decided to redesign the company website. Using Kentico Cloud, one project manager and two content contributors managed to create the new website content from scratch. The team used the Content Inventory to gather about 65 content items whose structure was defined by more than 30 content types. The website was developed in the ASP.NET MVC framework using C# and is hosted on Microsoft Azure.



Although working to a tight deadline, Vimanet launched the website on time. With Kentico Cloud, it only took 15 days to create the content, and to design, implement, test, and deploy the new website.

By preparing the content in Kentico Cloud, Vimanet needed less time and fewer resources to create and update pages on the site. The new website reached 350+ visits in the first week after the launch and 800+ visits after the first month even without running any marketing campaigns to bring traffic.