4 weeks
to build the product website
Bruce Williams

Using Kentico Cloud, we were able to quickly and effectively create a launchpad for our new product without investing the time, money, manpower, and stress that can typically be found in website redesigns and the content that it takes to deploy one properly today.

—Bruce Williams, Senior Director of Development, thunder::tech

thunder::tech sought to bring thunder::gov, a digital solution for municipalities and governments, to market using a nimble yet structured framework that would allow expansion and scale when needed.

The Challenge

Building a New Product Website

thunder::tech wanted a website and framework that enabled pragmatic content control in the short term, but also would provide a launchpad to execute growth-driven design options into the future. 

thunder::gov Home Page Screenshot

The Solution

As this required a very flexible content system that could be rearranged according to ongoing improvements and opportunities, Kentico Cloud headless CMS was a natural choice. The thunder::tech team built the website using ASP.NET MVC along with JavaScript and CSS prebuilt HTML templates.

Saving Time on Content Creation

From start to finish, it took thunder::tech just 4 weeks to deliver the thunder::gov website. With Kentico Cloud, the team’s project meetings were reduced significantly due to the ability to make course-corrections in real-time and adjust content so easily.

Using Kentico Cloud, thunder::tech was also able to leverage a great mix of high-performing technologies, ASP.NET MVC and a headless CMS API framework that gave their developers a great understanding of where the future of digital is going.

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