Using Artificial Intelligence to Interact with Event Visitors via a Chatbot

visitors interacted with the chatbot
Dean Corney

The chatbot was a huge success. With Kentico Cloud as the underlying platform, we have now developed a model, an approach, and a framework that will help us create further Bot projects quickly, with the reassurance that the technology side has a solid tick in the box.

—Dean Corney, Owner and COO, The Pull Agency

In September 2018, The Pull Agency joined forces with Microsoft to host the technology event AI: Empathy, Ethics And You. They wanted to engage with all visitors at the event, including professional marketers and business leaders from companies like EY, BMW, Henkel, PwC, Toni & Guy, and Microsoft.

The Challenge

The biggest part of the project was planning the architecture at the beginning of the project. They needed a solution that would help them solve any issues quickly and manage content easily. 

the pull agency - chatbot screenshot

The Solution

The Pull Agency created a chatbot using Microsoft Bot framework and Kentico Cloud SDK for .NET. They specifically decided to use Kentico Cloud to manage the content. Dean Corney, COO of The Pull Agency said: "As a Kentico partner, and with the initial event being a Microsoft one who are a close partner of Kentico, it was an obvious choice for us to use Kentico Cloud."

The Kentico Cloud API and its visualization of objects helped to quickly solve any challenges, and helped deliver the project at speed. Even complex objects were easy to deliver thanks to Kentico Cloud. Dean continued: "Kentico Cloud enabled quick and easy access to content via the chatbot. It also meant we could select multiple communication channels if required with one central content store."

Only six people collaborated on the chatbot; three developers, one project manager, one copywriter, and one strategist. With three phases of content creation, they ensured the right content was delivered to the right people. One person evaluated the user perspective, which was transferred to a copywriter, and then to the author who put all of the ideas into the API.

Successful AI Implementation

The solution was engaging for attendees and also minimized the number of pre-event inquiries. 25% of event attendees interacted with the chatbot. 

Attendee and chatbot user Minter Dial, Speaker, Author, President and Founder of Digitalproof Consultancy said: “I found the Pull EventBot both useful and surprisingly amusing when it showed some personality responding to a question I made out of left field”.

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