Case Study

Milan Lund

Implemented by Milan Lund

August 2017

Milan Lund set out to use the latest technology to build a new business website with a fresh look, which would introduce his work, case studies, blog, and side projects to his clients.


Milan Lund

  • Web development
  • B2C
  • Freelance
  • Brno, Czech Republic
Milan Lund Home Page Screenshot
3 weeks
to build the new website

Building a New Website

As Milan wanted to build the new website as a platform marketing his services, he made use of Modular Content to create references and testimonials on the Home page. Milan also leveraged the Asset Library to organize and update all images in one place.

Need for Node.js SDK

The website was developed in the Node.js framework using JavaScript for both the front and back end and is hosted on Heroku. While working on this project, Milan also fine-tuned the Kentico Cloud Node.js Delivery SDK that he created for building websites with Kentico Cloud.


Separating Content Production and Development

All in all, it took Milan just three weeks to deliver the new website. He took care of the front-end and back-end development himself and hired an external graphic designer and content editor to help him with the rest.

Headless mindset = time-saver

With Kentico Cloud, Milan was able to separate the content management from its presentation layer, which enabled him to save time on content creation and use the framework of his choice. In this way, he could work with any technology and programming language and have a full control over the result.