Case Study

Leo Express

Implemented by SYMBIO

March 2018

Since its beginning, Leo Express has been stepping forward in providing exceptional train and bus transport services. Founded in the Czech Republic, they now cooperate with big European transport companies like Flixbus and WestBahn


Leo Express

  • bus and train transportation services
  • B2C, B2B
  • Prague, Czech Republic
  • 100+ employees
1000+ items in 6 languages
delivered to omnichannel solution in 2 weeks

SYMBIO's journey towards Cloud 

The new Leo Express website and mobile applications serve over 1.5 million Leo Express passengers. It had to reflect the brand and its strategy - it had to be fresh, modern, and user friendly.

As a digital agency relying on innovation, SYMBIO felt limited by "classic" CMS tools. So Leo Express allowed them to choose their preferred technology as long as it met one requirement - that it offered the ability to manage content for all their channels from one place. So they chose Kentico Cloud.

Technically, without boundaries 

The key reason for choosing Kentico Cloud was its flexibility and unlimited front-end possibilities. SYMBIO greatly appreciated the concept of templates and blocks, especially the ability to insert modular content into a rich-text environment, which enabled them to get the most out of the front-end possibilities.  

The website is hosted on Heroku and written in React, which enables a server-side rendering. A server part is written in Node.js and Next.js was used for the server-side rendering, with the mobile applications built in React Native for both main platforms - Android and iOS. 

SYMBIO also created their own GraphQL server, powered by Apollo,  that combines the Leo Express API and Kentico Cloud Delivery API.


Interesting facts about the mobile application

  • If you enable the app’s geolocation function, you can easily find your next connection based on your current location.
  • The app will also remind you to go and catch your Leo Express connection on time.
  • Integrated Smile Club - you can easily collect your rewards

Going multilingual with swift migration 

To ensure the right content would be delivered to all countries that Leo Express operates in, the project was translated into six languages and the content inventory consists of over 1,000 content items. 

Kentico Cloud was crucial in the final phase of this project; allowing content creation and migration to take just two weeks

Multichannel solution for customers

The whole project ensured Leo Express scalable and easily manageable website and mobile applications that go further in terms of the technical possibilities thanks to Kentico Cloud. 

SYMBIO delivered an omnichannel solution where passengers are not only able to obtain information about all connections and services but to book and buy tickets as well as read news and articles.