Case Study

Kramp Careers

Implemented by TrueLime

January 2018

Kramp needed a new recruitment website that would provide a user-friendly way of searching and displaying vacancies in more than 20 different regions and languages Kramp is active in, while integrating the company’s HR system Workday



  • agriculture
  • B2B, B2C
  • Varsseveld, Netherlands
  • more than 2,600 employees across more than 20 countries
3 months
to deliver multilingual project for HR department

TrueLime's first implementation of Kentico Cloud done in 3 months

The website uses modular content in rich text and content type snippets, making it easy to create, maintain, and update content in 8 languages. Because of short lines, clear agreements, and clear expectations, the new website was built in three sprints = three months.


Flexible and scalable solution

After Kentico Cloud implementation, Kramp is flexible in maintaining and creating content because TrueLime set up the content in a modular way. A combination of .NET Core and MVC hosted on Microsoft Azure ensures that everything is well presented on the site and that there is flexibility in scalability.

On the old recruitment site, finding the relevant vacancy (language, location, etc.) was a challenge for job seekers. Kramp wanted to make this more user friendly and to emphasize its international character. 

The new recruitment site grows with the organization, and automatically displays relevant vacancies based on the language and location of the visitor. Always-relevant vacancies!

Integration with HR system - Workday

Kramp places and maintains all vacancies in Workday and handles the recruitment processes there. So the project is also integrated with Workday and supports all HR processes

The final solution is versatile, future-proof, and saves staff time since an application entered via the website is automatically recorded in Workday. And if Kramp adds new filters to Workday, these filters will also be automatically available on the new recruitment site.