Case Study


Implemented by BizStream

April 2017

BizStream sought to build a website promoting CaseStream, a cloud-based case management software for domestic violence programs and shelter services, use the latest technology for the site and then start actively marketing the product.



  • Web and software development
  • B2C and B2B
  • 27 employees
  • Allendale, MI, US
CaseStream Home Page Screenshot
12 days
to build the product website

Building a New Product Website

As BizStream wanted to build a product website that is easy to edit while working with today's technology, they decided to use Kentico Cloud. The content editor had started with the content creation before the back-end developer even began building the site. A couple of days later, the team started preparing the design and front end using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. When building the website, BizStream's starting point was Kentico Cloud Boilerplate for ASP.NET Core MVC, which also helped to deliver the site extremely fast.


Leveraging a Content-first Approach

The BizStream team of three needed just 12 days to build the product website from scratch. Providing content before development even started was a surprise to the team and a big help.

Even though generating content for the website was the biggest challenge for BizStream, the team saved time by working with the reusable Modular Content. After all, the CaseStream website was BizStream's first project that had content ready before starting with back-end development.