Case Study

American Gods

Implemented by Syndicut

June 2017

Fremantle Media was looking for a unique and entertaining way for fans to stay informed about American Gods. The client wanted to create a website acting as a multimedia hub with image-moving content, and Syndicut knew Kentico Cloud was a perfect match.


Fremantle Media

  • Entertainment
  • B2C
  • 1000+ employees
  • London, UK
American Gods Home Page Screenshot
2 months
to build the website as a multimedia hub

Building the Website as a Multimedia Hub

The entire concept of the site is based around Kentico Cloud’s modular content functionality. All content on the site, from character bios to behind-the-scenes videos and trailers, is all presented to the user in a ‘card’ format. Each card has its own unique set of visual content in the form of image galleries, looping MP4s, backgrounds, and inline Youtube videos.

Built with performance in mind

Having all of this media on a single page and expecting a large number of users to be on mobile devices, special attention had to be placed on performance to ensure the site didn't grind to a halt and worked smoothly on these lower-powered devices. To help aid the media-rich site, subtle parallax effects were also used when scrolling between cards. The functional aspect of the site was built using ASP.NET MVC hosted on Amazon EC2 instance for maximum scalability.


Putting Content First

Kentico Cloud allowed the team to take a content-first approach to development. Since content can be uploaded from the start of the project, it was much easier for Syndicut to consider how to approach the design and how the content would fit in.

Agile collaboration made effective

In addition, Kentico Cloud proved beneficial from an internal standpoint. The internal teams were able to collaborate more effectively, with development and design running concurrently. This more agile approach allowed Syndicut to stick to the given timeline set by the client.