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Built around your business, with a price to match

  • Free

    Great for your personal experiments and one-man shows

    $ 0 /month

    3 users500 content items

    Start 30-day trial

    • Users3
    • Maximum users3
    • Extra usersNo
    • Content items included500
    • Extra content itemsNo
    • Maximum projects10
    • API requests100,000/month – FUP **
    • Asset storage1 GB – FUP **
    • Asset bandwidth10 GB/month – FUP **
  • Standard

    For digital agencies and studios with multiple projects

    $ 99 /month

    5 users5,000 content items

    Start 30-day trial

    • Users5
    • Maximum users10
    • Extra users$49/5 users/month
    • Content items included5,000
    • Extra content itemsNo
    • Maximum projectsunlimited
    • API requests1,000,000/month – FUP**
    • Asset storage20 GB – FUP**
    • Asset bandwidth100 GB/month – FUP**
  • Professional

    A more comfortable experience backed by friendly, expert support

    $ 299 /month

    10 users10,000 content itemsBusiness hours support

    Start 30-day trial

    • Users10
    • Maximum users20
    • Extra users$99/5 users/month
    • Content items included10,000
    • Extra content items$49/10,000 items/month
    • Maximum projectsunlimited
    • API requests2,000,000/month/FUP**
    • Asset storage50 GB – FUP**
    • Asset bandwidth250 GB/month – FUP**
  • Enterprise

    The absolute best of what Kentico has to offer

    $ 999 /month

    CustomCustom24×7 supportSLA*

    Contact us

    • Userscustom
    • Maximum userscustom
    • Extra userscustom
    • Content items includedcustom
    • Extra content itemscustom
    • Maximum projectsunlimited
    • API requestscustom
    • Asset storagecustom
    • Asset bandwidthcustom
  • * All prices are in USD

*SLAs for service availability and technical support will be available at the beginning of 2017

**FUP – fair usage policy – subscription plan limits reflect requirements of a typical project for each plan. You can continue using Kentico Deliver as usual after reaching the limits. If your project exceeds the limit regularly, we may contact you to discuss upgrading to a higher plan. However, as part of the introductory period, we won’t be tracking limits until April 1, 2017

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  • What happens after my free trial?

    After the 30-day trial period, you will be given the option to subscribe to one of our plans — the Free, Standard, Professional or Enterprise. We can, alternatively, discuss your custom plan requirements. If you do not wish to choose a plan, your account will expire.

  • How do I pay?

    You can pay using any major credit card at any time during your trial period or after it expires. No credit card information is required during your trial period, though.
    You can pay using check or wire transfer for payments over $1,000. This usually happens when you pre-pay an annual plan or subscribe to the Enterprise Plan. Contact us if you need to make other payment arrangements.

  • What is VAT?

    All prices exclude VAT (Value Added Tax) and the tax will be added to your bill at the end of each month. If you are located inside the EU, do not forget to enter your business VAT registration number during the checkout process to avoid paying VAT.

  • Can I pre-pay for an annual plan?

    Yes, please contact us if you wish to pre-pay for the whole year or longer.
    Does the service include hosting? Kentico Deliver uses the "headless" or "API-first" approach. This means you can manage content in Kentico Deliver and use the API to display content on your website or mobile application, which can be hosted on any hosting provider including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or GoDaddy.

  • What happens if I go over the limit of API requests, storage, or bandwidth?

    We will send you an email notification when you come close to the limit. If you exceed the limit occasionally, nothing happens and you can continue using Kentico Deliver. If you exceed the limit on a regular basis or exceed the limit significantly, we will contact you to discuss upgrading to a higher plan.

  • Is my content safe and secure?

    Yes, it is our priority to keep all your content safe and secure. We use Microsoft Azure Storage services to keep all of your content highly available, secure, and safe through regular backups.

  • Can I purchase a perpetual license?

    No, Kentico Deliver is only provided as a service.

  • How can I cancel my subscription?

    You can cancel any of our monthly plans at any time without incurring any extra fees. We do not offer any refunds on your current subscription. Should you cancel your subscription, it will terminate at the end of the currently billed period.

  • Can I have a custom plan?

    Of course you can. Contact us and let us know your needs and requirements.

Any other questions?

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