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3 Users Free

+ $10/month per extra user

50,000 Content API Calls FreeContent API Calls

+ $0.10/month for 1,000 extra

1,000 Tracked Visitors* FreeTracked Visitors

+ $5/month for 1,000 extra


10 Users

+ $10/month per extra user

250,000 Content API CallsContent API Calls

+ $0.10/month for 1,000 extra

10,000 Tracked Visitors*Tracked Visitors

+ $5/month for 1,000 extra


The Enterprise plan starts from 20 users, 2,000,000 content API calls and 100,000 tracked contacts.

Let us create a custom plan for you



  • Content Management More information
  • Content Localization (max 2 languages) More information
  • Workflow More information
  • Revisions More information
  • Content Delivery API More information
  • CDN More information
  • Roles More information
  • Visitor Tracking More information
  • Segmentation More information
  • Community Support More information
  • Personalization More information


Everything from the free plan, plus...

  • Content Localization (max 5 languages) More information
  • Professional Support More information
  • 20+ support engineers answering your questions over chat and email


Everything from the Professional plan, plus...

  • Content Localization (unlimited number of languages) More information
  • 24x7 Professional Support More information
  • SLA-guaranteed Uptime More information
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager More information
  • Fast, Effective Onboarding More information
See Fair Use Policy

* You only need to pay for tracked visitors if you use the customer engagement features, such as personalization.

Sizing Examples

The following table provides several examples of websites and their consumption to give you a better idea on the number of API calls and tracked visitors

Small Website

< 3,500Unique Visits

1,750Unique Visitors
(tracked contacts)

7,000Page Views

21,000API requests

Per Month

Medium Website

3,500—10,000Unique Visits

5,000Unique Visitors
(tracked contacts)

20,000Page Views

60,000API requests

Per Month

Large Website

3,500—35,000Unique Visits

17,250Unique Visitors
(tracked contacts)

105,000Page Views

315,000API requests

Per Month

Extra Large Website

35,000—155,000Unique Visits

77,500Unique Visitors
(tracked contacts)

620,000Page Views

1,860,000API requests

Per Month

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Pricing FAQ

How Much Do I Pay?

What is a content API call and how much will I pay?

The content from Kentico Cloud can be accessed through a REST API and displayed on your website or application. A content API call represents a single request for content, no matter whether your request results in a single content entry or a set of entries matching certain criteria. API calls also include requests for assets, such as images, videos or uploaded documents.

Example: Let’s say you run a blog. You can retrieve a blog post with a single API call. It means the number of your API calls will be same as the number of page views. However, if you also display a “Latest 5 posts” column on the same page, it will require another API call.

In most cases, you should fit between 1 and 5 API calls per page view. So, if you know your traffic, you just multiply the number of page views by a number of expected calls per page.

Remember you can also cache the content in your application which can significantly decrease the number of API calls.

See the sizing examples above.

What is a tracked visitor and how much will I pay?

A tracked visitor is any visitor that is tracked by our customer engagement API, no matter whether it’s an anonymous or named visitor. 

Important: You only pay for tracked visitors if you use the customer engagement features, such as tracking.

You can configure the data retention policy as you need and tell the system which visitor profiles should be kept for later use and which should be deleted. 

Example: Let’s say you run a company website and you get 1,000 unique visitors per month. 5% of your visitors (=50 visitors) fill out some form and provide their contact details. You can decide to keep all named visitors for 3 months (3 x 50 = 150 tracked visitors) and all anonymous visitors for 1 month (950 tracked visitors). Your total number of tracked visitors is 150 + 950 = 1,100.

See the sizing examples above.

What happens after my free trial?

After the 30-day trial period, you will be automatically switched to the Free plan. You can, however, switch to one of the paid plans at any time. We can, alternatively, discuss your custom plan requirements.

How many clients and sites can I manage under a single subscription?

A single subscription should be used for a single company. If you’re an agency, you need to create a new subscription for each client. You can manage any number of sites and projects under a single subscription and you’re billed based on the total usage. 

Payments and Billing

What happens if I go over the free API calls/tracked visitors in the Free plan?

We will send you an email notification and you will need to provide your card number in order to continue using the service. We will bill you only for the extra usage above the free plan.

How do I pay?

You can pay using any major credit card at any time during your trial period or after it expires. No credit card information is required during your trial period, though. You can pay using check or wire transfer for payments over $1,000. This usually happens when you pre-pay an annual plan or subscribe to the Enterprise plan. Contact us if you need to make other payment arrangements.

What is VAT?

All prices exclude VAT (Value Added Tax) and the tax will be added to your bill at the end of each month, if you are not located in the EU. If you are located inside the EU, do not forget to enter your business VAT registration number during the checkout process to avoid paying VAT.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel any of our monthly plans at any time without incurring any extra fees. We do not offer any refunds on your current subscription. Should you cancel your subscription, it will terminate at the end of the currently billed period.

Can I get a quote?

Sure, please contact our sales team

Can I have a custom plan?

Of course, you can. Contact us and let us know your needs.

Security, Performance, and Availability

Is my content safe and secure?

Yes, it is our priority to keep all your content safe and secure. We use Microsoft Azure Storage services to keep all of your content highly available, secure, and safe through regular backups.

Do you guarantee service availability?

We pay a lot of attention to the service availability and quality. There's a status page where you can see the availability of our service. We have a 24x7 support team that monitors the service and takes immediate action if something goes wrong. We also provide a Service Level Agreement with a financial compensation in the form of credit to customers who choose the Enterprise plan.


What support do I get with each plan?

The Free Plan comes with a community support through our forums. The questions are answered either by the community or by Kentico staff (with lowest priority).

The Professional plan and the 30-day trial come with Professional support through chat and email. These questions are answered with a higher priority and we typically answer all such questions within a couple of hours or by the next business day. 

The Enterprise plan comes with 24x7 top priority support provided by our support teams in Europe, United States, and Australia. The Enterprise plan automatically comes with SLA on service availability and you can optionally get also an SLA on support response time. You can use chat, email, or phone. You get a dedicated customer success manager who ensures your smooth onboarding and guides them through the whole implementation. Plus you get a certain number of consulting hours with our solution architects included in your plan.