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Enterprises Grow Faster with Kentico Cloud

Streamline content operations and rapidly create complex digital experiences by delivering Content as a Service within your organization

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Governance for Enterprise

Take control over your content, process, and security.

Key and lock in clouds


Add an extra layer of security with Multifactor Authentication and control user access against your enterprise identity provider with Single Sign-On.

People and statuses

Custom Roles and Workflows

Set Roles for different users, and use Workflows to restrict which users can operate, manage, and transition between content.

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Unlimited Projects

Keep content confidential using Projects. All enterprise customers get unlimited Projects, so you can create as many as you need!

Secure, Scalable Infrastructure You Can Trust

Enterprise-grade security without the enterprise overhead

SLA-Guaranteed Uptime

SLA-Guaranteed Uptime

DevOps and 3rd-level support engineers monitor availability, and guarantee a minimum of 99.5% uptime. Need more? Talk to us about a custom uptime SLA.

Secure and Reliable

Secure and Reliable

We follow an Agile Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model, and Kentico Cloud is based on OWASP security review standards.

24/7 Back Up

24/7 Back Up

We back up data daily and store all back ups for 14 days. If something goes wrong, we can restore your data and get you up and running quickly.

Integrations & Extensions Make Content Work Better

Connect Kentico Cloud to best-of-breed collaboration, e-commerce, marketing, analytics, CRM, and DAM tools. Deploy a connected, responsive content fabric that:

  • Unifies content silos
  • Drives conversion and desired action via machine learning
  • Connects and extends traditional CMSs
  • Analyzes and optimizes content performance across all channels in one place
  • Learn how you can easily integrate Kentico Cloud with the Magento, an e-commerce solution, to build a content-rich e-shop
  • Integrate Kentico Cloud with an E-commerce solution Spotify
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  • Integrating personalization with Kentico Cloud and Optimizely
  • Learn how you can easily integrate Kentico Cloud with a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution - Bynder
  • Leverage Smart Content Recommendations - Kentico Cloud Integrates Seamlessly with Recombee
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World-class Support When You Need It


Dedicated Customer Success Managers

Get implementation support and best practice advice to ensure you make the most of your content management system.

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Global Technical Support

Enjoy Top Priority 24x7x365 chat, email, and phone support provided by our teams across Europe, United States, and Australia.

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Fast-track Onboarding

Access resources, interactive training, and a team of experts so that you can onboard quickly and efficiently.


Plus, you can add Premium Support with an SLA that guarantees an even faster response time!

An Enterprise Headless CMS That's More than Just Headless

Custom limits
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Custom limits for users, content items, and more.

Custom Elements
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Integrate and customize Kentico Cloud easily. Find out more

Secured access to API
Custom roles and workflows
GDPR compliance
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Dedicated infrastructure (optional)
Choice of data centers (US and EU)
Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
Exclusive training
Unlimited languages

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Proven by Enterprise Businesses Worldwide

10X Faster Project Delivery
Adam Weigold

Kentico Cloud, in comparison with our previous vendor, has allowed us to increase development speed of new features ten times. This is largely due to the power it provides as a headless CMS allowing our developers to work in the toolsets and frameworks of their choice, and the simplicity of allowing our content generation team to focus on what they do best, ‘content’.

Adam Weigold, VP Engineering and Chief Architect, Trusted Choice