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Manage All Your Content in One Place

with a cloud-based content hub

Content management in the cloud
Manage Content with a cloud-based content hub

Centralize Your Content with a Content Hub

    • Avoid duplicating your efforts by having one place for all your content.
    • Import content from any source, such as existing CMS, DAM, PIM, ERP, databases, or files.
    • Export the content to other systems or deliver it directly to your website and mobile applications through the content delivery API.
Content types

Set up Your Content Types

    Blog posts, articles, product specifications—no matter what your content looks like, you can easily define your own content types with custom fields.

Workflow definition

Define Your Own Workflow

    Easily define your own workflow based on your content production process, assign content to authors, and make sure everybody is aware of the relevant due dates.


Say Goodbye to Email Ping-Pong

    Simply make your comments directly in the text and discuss it with others. 


Track Revisions

    See what changes were made and roll back to a previous version if needed.

Site map

Organize Content with a Site Map

    Easily design your site map and assign content entries to one or more sections.


Categorize Content with Taxonomies

    Taxonomies allow you to define multiple categories, such as color, geography, size, etc.

Modular content

Manage the Relationship between Content Items

    With modular content, you can create more complex content items composed of multiple items. You can also use it to define the relationship between content, such as article-author or product-manufacturer. 

Content inventory

Say Goodbye to Delayed Projects

    Delayed content production is the most common reason for missing a website launch date. With Kentico Cloud, your authors can work on the content while developers build the website.

Users and roles

Manage Access with Roles and Capabilities

    Choose what each user is authorized to do in the system based on their role.

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