Case Study

Team Blue

Implemented by BlueModus

August 2017

Team Blue, consisting of BlueModus and BlueKey, decided to build a website promoting the combined services of their two organizations. They chose Kentico Cloud to collaborate quickly and efficiently.


BlueModus and BlueKey

  • Web and app development
  • B2B and B2C
  • 60 employees combined
  • BlueModus: Denver, CO, US
  • BlueKey: Charleston, SC, US
Team Blue Home Page Screenshot
2.5 weeks
to build the new website

Building a Website on a Tight Deadline

Due to a scheduled conference, Team Blue was working against a tight deadline. Since they needed non-technical users to be able to make quick content updates, Kentico Cloud with its intuitive user interface and Content Inventory was a great fit for the project. 

The team integrated the site with Zoho CRM and also leveraged the functionality of Kentico Cloud's Analytics to track the contact form submission. The Team Blue developers made use of Kentico Cloud boilerplate and built the site with the .NET Core MVC framework and C#.


Quick and Effective Collaboration

The boilerplate project and code generators allowed the team to build quickly and leverage a content-first approach. With planning and copywriting taking a week, development lasting another week, and testing and deployment taking 2 more days, the site was ready in 2.5 weeks.

The Team Blue project allowed BlueModus and BlueKey to achieve a valuable co-marketing presence and explore Kentico Cloud's capabilities. As a result, they recommend Kentico Cloud development to their clients.