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Kentico Roadshow 2017

by Ondrej Fridrich

Sep 4, 2017

Kentico Roadshow will showcase Kentico EMS and Kentico Cloud, giving you a greater technical understanding of both platforms, what to consider when deciding which one to use for your projects, and learn what benefits each option can bring your business.

Morning sessions

  • Opening keynote (Kentico 11, news in Kentico Cloud)
  • Case study

Afternoon sessions

  • EMS track: E-commerce Renaissance―It’s modular, extendible, functional, and insanely fabulous
  • EMS track: Partnership with Ucommerce―Do more commerce on Kentico than ever before
  • EMS track: New email builder―The drag-and-drop heaven
  • Cloud track: Content modelling for omnichannel delivery
  • Cloud track: Microservices architecture for omnichannel delivery
  • Cloud track: Experience management for omnichannel delivery
  • GDPR
  • Case study
  • Closing notes

Roadshow Stops


Oct 9 – Kentico Roadshow Singapore

Oct 11 – Kentico Roadshow Sydney

Oct 13 – Kentico Roadshow Melbourne


Oct 24 – Kentico Roadshow Boston

Oct 26 – Kentico Roadshow Chicago


Nov 7 – Kentico Roadshow London

Nov 9 – Kentico Roadshow Amsterdam

We do have sponsorship packages available for the event. If you are interested in getting your brand in front of the crowd, please contact Iva Konecna at