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Announcing the Kentico Cloud Early Partner Program

by Petr Palas

Nov 2, 2016

Are you a digital agency? We're starting the Kentico Cloud Early Partner Program for innovative agencies who want to be the first to benefit from the power of Kentico Cloud.

Helping agencies grow their business

As I always say, we build our business around agencies and we want to enable agencies to build their business around Kentico. With Kentico EMS, we built a network of 1,000+ partners in 80 countries who use our existing traditional CMS to deliver projects for their clients. 

With the introduction of the Kentico Cloud product line, we want to build on this success and start a new partner program for digital agencies that specifically use Kentico Cloud products. 

Become one of our first 20 partners!

The first 20 partners we choose for this program will receive a number of benefits:

  1. Free use of Kentico Deliver and Kentico Engage with Professional plan features and unlimited metrics (users/API calls/content entries/contacts) until June 30, 2018 (yes, for more than one year!) for their first project. That's worth over $7,000!
  2. Priority support provided directly by the Kentico Cloud product team during the initial development phase.
  3. Initial on-boarding, including free consulting and training.
  4. A dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be your primary point of contact and will walk you through the whole implementation.
  5. Increased visibility as one of the first Kentico Cloud Partners.
  6. Promotion of your work by Kentico in our channels and through Kentico's PR.

Who we are looking for

In the first phase, we will choose 20 partners who will use Kentico Cloud to create a great modern website that we can later use as a reference. It may be a corporate website, a small microsite, your own agency website or any other project. 

It's important that your client agrees with us using their name as a reference in our marketing communication and with doing a simple case study. The website should be launched by June 2017, at the latest.

How to sign up

If you're an agency and have a project you would like to create with Kentico Cloud, please write us at and we will be happy to discuss the details with you. The Early Partner Program is limited to 20 partners, so be sure to contact us soon.


Q: I'm already a Kentico Partner, do I automatically become a Kentico Cloud partner?

A: The Kentico Cloud partner program is a new separate program and all partners need to sign up for the new program. Right now, we're looking for the first 20 partners who are ready to use Kentico Cloud for a project they have in their pipeline. 

Q: When will you open the Kentico Cloud Partner Program for more agencies?

A: We will start with 20 agencies in the first round and we expect to make the standard partner program broadly available in the second half of 2017.

Q: When can I start developing my first project with Kentico Cloud?

A: Kentico Deliver is ready now. Kentico Engage is currently in preview and will be launched in January. It means you can start developing your project right now. If you feel your project could benefit from some specific functionality, just let us know.