The Kentico Cloud Partner Program: Supporting Your Success

Are you a digital agency or system integrator? Then you’ve come to the right place.

At Kentico, we build our business around our partners and we want to enable you to build your success around our products. 

Since 2004, Kentico has helped more than 1,000 agencies in 80 countries deliver award-winning projects. With our new Kentico Cloud headless CMS, we are proud to introduce the new Kentico Cloud Partner Program, designed to help you succeed from day one.

Why Partner with Kentico?

  • Get your head in the Cloud
    Boost your collaboration and productivity with Kentico Cloud, the cloud-first headless CMS that catapults you towards your goals.
  • Deliver faster
    With a content-first approach, you can get your projects to clients in record time.
  • Choose your technology
    With Kentico Cloud, you can build you website an other applications using any programming language, on any platform.
  • Lean on us
    Tap into the extensive knowledge of our 30 support engineers and solution architects across three continents.
  • Win more deals
    Let our 30 local sales people in North America, UK, Australia, Benelux and the Czech Republic help you position Kentico Cloud to your clients, conduct demos, and prepare proof of concepts. 

Oh yes… and partnering with us is free! What’s not to love? 

What Do You Get?

  • Get started
    Onboarding and first-project guidance from your own dedicated customer success manager.
  • Get support
    Unlimited technical support by email and chat.
  • Get a Partner Plan
    Partners receive a complimentary Partner Plan for internal projects (such as your own website), demos, and training. It comes with:
    • 10 users
    • 250,000 Content API Calls
    • 10,000 Tracked Visitors
    • All features available in Kentico Cloud
  • Get seen
    Have your projects shine in the Kentico Cloud Partner directory and attract more clients.

Sign up for Success!

Contact our sales team to sign up or to learn more:

Kentico Cloud Partner Program FAQ

Do partners get discounts?

Our experience has shown that money spent on discounts is far less valued than it is spent on providing a great product, offering smooth onboarding, delivering superior support, and making marvelous marketing. So, nope, sorry. No discounts. Just a fantastic experience, delivered by a passionate team, that helps launch you to success.

I’m a freelancer, can I join the program?

Yes. As long as you have your own website offering your own digital services you can join the Kentico Cloud Partner Program.

Can I share one subscription among multiple clients?

A single subscription can only be used by a single legal entity, meaning each of your end clients will need their own Kentico Cloud subscription.

Can I buy a subscription on behalf of my clients?

End clients should own and pay for their own subscriptions. But if there is a special reason why you need to make the purchase on behalf of your client, please contact our sales team at

Can I invite our clients to our Partner Plan subscription?

The Partner Plan can only be enjoyed by your employees, using your agency’s email address.

Can I use the Partner Plan subscription for the development phase of client projects or to create a trial environment for clients?

No. A client subscription should be attained for all work done on a client’s project. Clients are able to create trial subscriptions for trials. 

What kind of partner training is available?

Our onboarding process is delivered by a dedicated customer success manager who helps train you in the basic concepts of Kentico Cloud, using our sample projects and documentation, and then clarifies any outstanding questions you may have. We also provide detailed documentation and tutorials for developers and end users.

Are Kentico Partners using Kentico CMS/EMS automatically enrolled in the Kentico Cloud Partner Program?

If you're an existing Kentico Partner for Kentico CMS, you need sign up for the Kentico Cloud Partner Program separately. 

I’m an existing partner, can I transfer my partner level and partner points to the new Kentico Cloud Partner Program?

Kentico Cloud Partner Program is separate, with no connection to the Kentico CMS/EMS Partner Program.

Are there partner levels?

As of now, there are no partner levels. As the network grows, we look forward to adding partner recognition through partner levels.

If I sign up for the Kentico Cloud Partner Program, do I get leads from Kentico?

While we may provide Kentico Cloud Partners with leads looking for implementation services from time to time, it’s not the primary purpose of the program and we can’t commit to delivering leads to your agency on a regular basis.